Model in tank jumpsuit holding a brown suede hobo bag with smokey topaz gemstone grommet - Darby Scott
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Hobo Bags

Green Suede Hobo Satchel with Jasper Grommet Detail - Darby Scott
Tan Python Leather Hobo Grommet Bag - Darby Scott

Everyone has the perfect black bag. But you'll find something more in Darby Scott's exquisite collection of handbags. In the logo-laden world of accessories, her hallmark is unusual combinations of materials...striking colors accented with semi-precious stones, minerals and other organic elements.

Neiman Marcus

It began as an idea to synthesize, in unique and unforeseen ways, two of women's favorite passions, jewelry and handbags.

The raison d'etre of the Darby Scott collection is to combine subtle artistry with timeless style and ultimately create modern heirlooms.

Darby's designs are rooted in the past through her true dedication to old world craftsmanship, techniques and classic shapes. Yet, her designs go above and beyond an homage to the past. Darby creates something that looks as if has a distinguished provenance but is simultaneously modern.

The collection continues to evolve... originally known for the handbags favored by "ladies who lunch", Darby Scott continues to break new ground. Once synonymous with evening the newer iterations of jeweled bags suitable are for everyday- great with jeans or a moto jacket.

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